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They blame themselves for Pignati's death, and believe that he would have been better off never meeting them in the first place. She constantly warns Lorraine against men and boys, saying "they have only one thing on their mind. This makes John take part in troublesome actions, simply trying to get his parents' attention.

Even school is categorized as unimportant. Lorraine's mother - She is critical of her daughter, accuses her of being fat, and constantly tells her "you're not a pretty girl, Lorraine. When he finally died, his death was a loss to the kids, but not to himself, because he had been unhappy.

A lot or a little? This story portrays this message with the final physical death in the story, with Mr. Like Beatrice Zindel, Mrs. When Lorraine says that a Latin test is important, her mother responds by saying she is sure that later in life Lorraine will be using Latin daily. Notes, drawings, and reproductions of clippings are interspersed throughout the text, a device that Zindel uses less than successfully in some of his later novels.

His wife, Conchetta, is dead, instead of being on vacation as The Pigman has stated The pigman summary times. At a party, John drinks passes out from excessive drinking.

The loss of important objects such as his pig collection and wife's wedding dress were too much for him. He begins to take on the role of a parental figure for the two teenagers, something neither of them have.

They are frequently unable to establish an adequate home environment, and they find most of the interests of the young either uninteresting or unimportant.

Whether it is Lorraine afraid to stand up against John, or John afraid to stand up to his friends, the main characters are reluctant in speaking their true emotions. His death caused a break in not only the story, but in the two main characters John and Lorraine.

Teens and adults in the book drink and smoke. She never got over that, and now she thinks that all men are evil. John and Lorraine's visits become increasingly frequent, and during one such visit they discover a document inside his room.

Having an empty house to themselves, the kids decide to have a party and invite a few people over. Pignati explained about charge cards, and John was amazed that a store would essentially allow people to take whatever they wanted and not require them to pay until later.

Emotionally a part of her died when she found out about her husband's affair and when he died. She is socially awkward, different, and has low self-esteem. Lorraine Jensen - the female protagonist, who narrates the even-numbered chapters.

Kids in her class do not make fun of her due to her friendship with John. They begin to even acquire feelings for one another, and John begins to care about his appearance. His death was the kids losing their dear friend, but also their innocence.

The Pigman took them to the delicatessen first, where he encouraged them to pick out interesting things they might like to try. Conlan is interested only in stocks. In the toy department, Lorraine was disillusioned to see so many items promoting violence as well as the phoniness and lack of wonder symbolized by ships placed in bottles made of plastic with removable bottoms for easy access.

When she and John later on go to visit him after their scheme of collecting money for charity, Lorraine has the same feeling of guilt. His death later on in the story is something The Pigman cannot handle, as this has been one of his greatest friends for a very long time.

John also smokes cigarettes, and his friend Lorraine gives him a hard time about it, asking him if he "wants to die. John tells Lorraine to wait outside of the area where he died, fearing that her mother would hit her in punishment for creating the situation.

Even though he was older his death was shocking and unexpected to them. When John, Lorraine, and two teen troublemakers, Norton Kelly and Dennis Kobin, are bored, they make crazy phone calls.

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After reading it, they realize The Pigman has been lying about where his wife has been. After hesitantly accepting "The Pigman's" offer of going to the zoo, a friendship begins to blossom between the three of them.

Pignati suffers from cardiac arrest and dies, leaving John and Lorraine grieving and reflecting on the fragility of life. It begins with The Pigman's loss of his collection of pigs [6] and his wife's dress.

The partygoers destroy the house, not caring what they break.The Pigman, a novel by Paul Zindel, shows us through the lives of John, Lorraine, and Mr.

Pignati, that life is both fragile and precious, and that in many ways, memories are as valued as old friends. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Pigman at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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The Pigman Summary; The Pigman Themes. The Pigman, Zindel’s first young adult novel, has been called a groundbreaking’s portrayal of high school students struggling with their own problems in their own environments. The Pigman Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Pigman is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Teens grasp impact of their hurtfulness in emotional novel.

The Pigman

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The pigman summary
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