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A slightly more original story line would have made this an exceptional novel, but House's lovely storytelling, graceful prose, strong characters and his feel for Southern rural life distinguish it.

She is Cherokee Indian. I knowed that I could fill up some hole that he had inside of himself and hadn't even been aware of until laying eyes on me.

The quote comes from pages to John Dulty, still living, told the writer that in the spring ofas he was crossing the mountains for stock, near Greensburg, east of Pittsburgh, he overtook a woman, walking and carrying a bundle. She sits there remembering until she is run off by the owner of the mountain, who thinks a piece of paper lets you possess something.

She is a former staff person with the grassroots group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, where her media and storytelling work supported environmental and economic justice organizing.

Vine setting out on a horse to cross the mountains to find her people in North Carolina, carrying with her the lock of hair of her great-grandmother who first left North Carolina to live in Kentucky.

His latest novel, A Parchment of Leaves, tells how a Cherokee woman navigates the swirling emotional waters of the Kentucky backwoods, and how independent women survive in the midst of racial prejudice and the brutality that accompanies it. We would advise the inhabitants of Pike, to beware; that in proportion as they value morality and religion, or revere the laws of civilization to be cautious how they admit an enemy into their houses, to Silas house a parchment of leaves away their brains.

The book opens with young Saul Sullivan braving the rumours about a Cherokee girl who is so beautiful that men die when they see her and heads to her home, looking for work.

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I had always found comfort in the leaves, in their silence. We whites were able to envision the land in our own way, impose our values without interference from people who had actually lived there and knew the place.

The Cherokee woman tells us her mother gave her the name Vine in "hopes that I would help the earth to produce. Vine's mother, who hasn't forgotten the trespasses against her people by the whites, is filled with a sense of foreboding when she hears of Vine's plans to marry a white man.

Kayla is passionate about research, storytelling through film, and is excited to continue working in the documentary field. When you have a family and have to carry and heat water, you work on laundry all the time.

She grew up visiting Appalachia and has been spending time with family and friends in the region for many years. She was a woman who found herself in a very difficult situation. In she co-produced and co-directed a short documentary, Phyllis, about an extraordinary year-old woman who refuses to let her old age define how she lives her life, and other pieces like "The Happiest Place on Earth," an observational documentary that chronicles the coming-of-age story of an underprivileged child growing up in the middle of an impoverished Anaheim neighborhood.

Her intent is to create meaningful work, tell the truth about working class Americans, and contribute to the vitality of independent filmmaking. They were a queer looking set, and as they went about the streets the boys would recite the following: Her mother has strange forebodings that all will not go well, and she's right.

Courtship quickly leads to marriage and a newborn girl named Birdie, but trouble surfaces when Saul's younger brother, Aaron, an unfocused dreamer who longs for a more fulfilling life than his country existence as a laborer, also becomes attracted to Vine.

One of his first documentaries, the short Undesirables, won both an Emmy and Oscar in the student categories. In addition to 35 articles and book chapters, he has authored An Introduction to Language and Identity and Ethnicity in the Rural South.

It is a story about her Cherokee heritage to be sure, but it is more a story that crosses ethnic lines to find, in a newly created family, the comforts of what the old one is no longer able to offer.

It quickly becomes clear to Vine, though, that Aaron is obsessed with her. You read a book and it's so lyrical and bewitching that you can't seem to put it away.

Jerry and his wife, Pam, received the Helen M. One reason why I found this era so interesting to read about it is that it seems kind of in between, especially in terms of technology. The family returns to North Carolina, where a Cherokee settlement has survived, but Vine is left on her own to hold onto her sense of identity as a woman, wife, mother, Cherokee, friend, and child of god.

With World War I raging in Europe, Saul goes off to log trees on another mountain which in turn will be turned into turpentine and shipped off to the battlefields knowing that the money that he earns will help set his family up for years to come.

But Vine's god is not up in heaven or in a book. To be like that--to just be--that's the most noble thing of all. Most worryingly the only man around the house is Aaron.

A reading journal of my eclectic selections, purely subjective and agenda-based. He started away with them. I want to feel sap rise, Hear leaves shake, I want to sway in the wind, Capture the light of the sun, Taste rain. Parchment starts and stays slow until about two-thirds of the way through.

They attracted a large crowd of men and boys.Young Irish American Saul Sullivan marries a beautiful Cherokee woman named Vine. As a mixed race couple, they weather a storm of prejudice, but eventually find acceptance with Saul's family. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get. House offers a poignant, evocative look at the turmoil that plagues a rural Kentucky family during WWI in his solid second novel, which begins when Saul Sullivan takes a shine to a mysterious, beau.

Discuss the prejudices that the characters in A Parchment of Leaves either endure or participate in. Consider: Native American vs.

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European American, masculine roles vs. feminine roles, townspeople vs.

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"creekers," church goers vs. free thinkers, etc. With which. Award Winners. Artistic luminaries such as Megan Hilty, Jessye Norman, and Shirley MacLaine are among the hundreds of artists who have been helped by the The National Society of Arts and Letters in the early stages of their careers.

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Silas house a parchment of leaves
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