Reading and writing activity for grade 2

More Writing Ideas - Web Resources - References Introduction - Grade 1 Depending on your class situation and available time, Writer's Workshop activities can be a useful and meaningful extension to TeachersFirst's online instructional units.

The student fills one cup with cereal. Create WebQuests Activity 8: It can be done with a quick handing out of the folders and a quick response from the students such as Illustrating, Work in progress, Publishing, or it may be a bulletin board that has color-coded cards.

To help them I reminded them that a verb was an action word, or something they could do.

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Writer's Workshop can also be paired with reading activities to create a powerful motivating tool when teaching literacy. Now use 2 elastics to create a shape and copy this design onto dot paper.

Look around our classroom, draw: This game will continue until student can't think of a rhyming word. When they were finished I used the magic cup to call on a student pair to share their thoughts with the class.

Can I get an amen??!! After she is sure the word is correct she spreads the foam around to erase the word, then repeats the procedure until all the words have been spelled correctly. With this printable Parts of Speech Worksheet, students will focus on adverbs as they write an adverb for each letter of the alphabet.

Story Solutions - Write a sentence to complete the story. We are collaborating to create math activities, digital resources, and stations for your classroom! Choose 2 geometric solids.

Past and Present Verb Tenses

The teacher-guided and child-directed nature of our curriculum products ensures English language learners and struggling readers learn alongside their peers.

Try it again with another friend. Teacher will ask students what makes a rhyme? A written work must have the following format: Mini-Lesson A Mini- Lesson is usually a minute whole class activity and may be as simple as doing guided writing from a story.

Teacher instructs students that every time they hear a rhyme in the book, they should touch their head. To finish this part of the lesson I asked my students it they would agree that the verb tense helps make the story sound smoother and easier to understand.

First Grade students who are at the emergent literacy level will begin by dictating, with the teacher taking down the student's words with a yellow highlighter after they finish an illustration.

Adverbs Identifying the difference betweeen an adverb and an adjective can be difficult. The Sounds that Animals Make - This is an easy word search puzzle and matching worksheet combined.

They Sound the Same - Students will complete each sentence with a word from the word box. Children take turns rolling the die and moving their game pieces around the board.

I listed some everyday items on little slips of paper and put them in a cup. This year, I did the obligatory turkey project with the same ol' same ol' thankful things, but as I was doing it, it occurred to me that it was time to kick it up a notch.

Here are some of the choices I feel like I learn so much every single time I am with a new class! See if both of you created the puzzles the same way.

Second Grade Worksheets Online

Then have the student repeat this for additional words.Dive Into WebQuests: Reading, Writing, and Web Go to the Find WebQuests page and search the database or use the Curriculum x Grade Level Matrix. Do a Google search for your topic and add the word WebQuest.

Activity 2: Complete the "Explore Thematic Resources" worksheet.

2nd Grade Reading

Short Reading Comprehensions Very Quick Readers A Shepherd's Snack (Very Quick Reader; Grades Readability) Writing - Christmas Letters Replying to Letters: Leveled Books The Magical, Mystical Reindeer: More Than a Myth Christmas Activity Book Christmas Fun (K) Creative Writing.

Second Grade Reading Skills and 2nd Grade Reading Lessons: Weekly Second Grade Reading Books Back to School Writing Assignment Back to School Bad Breath Baker, Baker, Donut Maker Physical Activity Pick a Perfect Pet Picky Paul Pictures in Rocks Pine Cone Feeder (includes craft).

Reading Comprehension Worksheets For Grade 2 All of the work on this page is focused on the Grade 2 core reading focus on standards RL - Archived: The School-Home Links Second Grade Activities provided in this kit are keyed directly to reading activities that teachers typically do with children in school.

These School-Home Links provide families with an extra opportunity for learning at home. Grade 1 Worksheets | Grade 2 Worksheets. Use this NFL Play 60 writing prompt to either enter the NFL Play 60 contest to win a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII in or to help children practice their writing skills.

Building a "word a day" bank with your child is a great way to help improve reading skills. Here's a collection of printable.

2nd Grade Math Worksheets: Fractions Download
Reading and writing activity for grade 2
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