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He says that the apparent conflict has to be interpreted in the least onerous effect which would then allow for lodgement of the RAF Form 4 before the extended prescription periods of five years from the date of the accident.

The Contingency Fees Act agreement is workable, but only if some of the recent judgments in that regard are not upheld later, because again they also differ and some of them are really based on erroneous assumptions, such as the recent judgment which referred to party and party costs in a typical High Court matter being only R15The bottom line is that at the current time the Road Accident Fund has a deficit of approximately R9 billion and they estimate that it will grow to R11 billion by the end of February He does say that one should be cautious and adopt the approach of the Attorneys Fidelity Fund and the Attorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund and lodge within the three-year period or two years for hit and runs just to be careful but if you are out of time, you should nevertheless proceed to lodge a claim, because the points he makes may well be upheld by a Court later.

Soon afterwards the son died of his injuries. It seems to suggest that the Road Accident Fund will do their job just perfectly well without the involvement of attorneys. We are fairly happy," said Nel. In other words, if you pretoria news business report across such an instance, you have an obligation to report it to the Law Society and will obviously be guilty of contravening rule There is no social security for them, no lifeline - any more than there was for non-whites when apartheid ruled.

The Editors features the BBC's on-air specialists asking questions which reveal deeper truths about their areas of expertise The Editors That may all be true. They stole next to nothing. Some people struggle to believe that their attorneys are telling them the truth when they tell them that some cases can take as long as 8 or 9 months to be paid, and that is just the capital payment in a matter and not the party and party cost refund.

There used to be 60, white farmers in South Africa. Spokesperson Lindela Mashigo said the city would do work on the water reticulation network from Tuesday at 6am until Thursday. John Simpson addresses some of the issues raised by this report in this article.

Tourism lecturer at the Tshwane University Technology Unathi Sonwabile Henama said in these tough economic times, only venues which offer exceptional service can continue to draw patrons. That is a personal choice but I never studied law and obtained three University degrees just so that I could become a legal officer, consultant or compliance assistance in a corporate entity.

It is disturbing that the Road Accident Fund is trying to describe attorneys in such a way. But the people who are suffering now are the weakest and most vulnerable members of the white community.

Crashed Pretoria Plane en Route to Netherlands

The inhabitants live on two hand-out meals of maize porridge a day, which is provided by local volunteers. A car wash owner in Silvertondale said he would be extremely affected by the two-day water interruption. Without exception they would obviously have a four year University degree and yet in training they seem to be earning an average salary of about R4 ,00 to R6 ,00 a month and as a beginner attorney, they are earning approximately R10 ,00 a month and a bit more if they are lucky enough to have started off at a busy and successful practice.

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This is something we all need to combat and to combat strongly with the Road Accident Fund settling an ever-increasing percentage of the cases in South Africa directly. The biggest problem right now is the issue of the Road Accident Fund taking so long to make payments.

In other words, in my experience, somebody is far better off going to attorneys and be able to report their attorney to the Law Society if something goes wrong than going to the Road Accident Fund directly and not being able to report the Road Accident Fund to anybody at all!

I am talking about salaries being paid at average law firms all across the bigger cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria, which happen to pay far higher salaries than one would earn in Cape Town, Durban or smaller centres.

The following areas in and around the city would be affected: In other words, if you put an amount in your original claim for general damages, his argument is that the lodging of the RAF Form 4 merely constitutes substantiation of the claim in a similar manner to lodging medico legal reports in a case later.

But because we have a lot of effort on business, and generating new business for our customers and patrons, our occupancy to date has been fairly good. Not a week goes by when we do not receive some or other complaint about somebody who was represented by the Road Accident Fund and whose claim was either under-settled or was told that they had not issued a summons in time.

In the little graveyard where her father and brother are buried there are two other graves of farmers murdered recently. Both comments and pings are currently closed.Sep 20,  · Communications regulator Icasa is moving out of its offices in Pin Mill Farm in Sandton to a new facility in Pretoria.

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6 days ago · %Thousands of aviation enthusiasts – young and old – have turned out to watch civilian and military aircraft put through their paces in the skies above Pretoria.% News. According to local emergency services, a plane crashed outside South Africa's city of Pretoria in Gauteng province.

According to ER24 emergency medical services, at least one person has been killed as a result of the plane crash that took place outside South Africa's capital on Tuesday.

As South. Current weather in Pretoria and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 days.

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It has emerged that a plane which crashed in Pretoria, killing one man, was en route to the Netherlands. In a statement released by Air France, KLM on Wednesday morning, the airline company says. According to the city, the interruption is unavoidable as the upgrading of the municipal main water supply pipelines has to be done.

Residents of Pretoria East and the Moot will be mostly affected by the planned water interruptions.

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