Mcdonalds global presence and cultural issues

And the few analysts taking a bearish view of McDonald's outlook say real growth of the company's core business -- the burgers and fries part -- is overstated. Do reggae and ska have the same meaning to young people everywhere?

Adaptability means faster and more effective planning, development, and execution. Globally oriented companies can add to their service range by leveraging the skills and experience their international employees bring to the table.

In order to succeed in marketing it is very important to understand the basics of these cultural differences. But how long will the run last? Inevitably, conflicting demands of local stakeholders and corporate headquarters create tensions; this issue must be managed efficiently.

At that time, communist authorities had also discouraged romantic love and promoted politically correct marriages based on class background and revolutionary commitment.

How McDonald's Wins in Social: Ranking at Number One

In some countries, the national distributions systems are inaccessible to foreign companies, whereas in some there are very stringent rules and the access to the national distribution systems is very difficult for the international companies and these differences directly affect the global marketing strategies.

The other simple rule is to treat the colleagues of host country with respect and dignity. But these can be overlooked without the input of a native speaker. Yet anthropologists who study television and film are wary of such suggestions. This makes sense for the Starbucks Corporation because they are able to align themselves with partners who may already have working knowledge of what it takes to run a business in other locations outside of the United States.

Post-Soviet Russia, post-Mao China, and post-Gaullist France are but three examples of Cold War giants facing uncertain futures in the emerging global system.


Every person has different needs such as physiological needs, social needs, esteem needs, safety needs and so on. Requirements and regulations are different in each country and between countries, and can change frequently. In addition, the fast food chain also focuses on reducing kilometres driven, optimizing transportation routes, and improves fuel and energy efficiency for delivery of food to restaurants.

Different understandings of professional etiquette Colleagues from different cultures can also bring with them different workplace attitudes, values, behaviors, and etiquette. What might work well on a billboard for a British company could fail or offend elsewhere.

Global marketing and cultural differences cannot be separated, they have become inter-linked and inter-dependent.

Therefore, Starbucks has been tweaking its drinks and coffee blends to better reflect the cultures preferences Alderman, Consumer goods cannot opt for global standardized options, but the industrial products can select the best marketing strategy to cross the barriers of legal, technical and cultural issues and choose a standardized global option.

They offer incredibly diverse food items across its franchises around the world, through standardized templates such as happy meal or value meal.

If not recognized and accounted, conflicting approaches to work can put the brakes on productivity. Millions of people obtain the unobtainable by using the Internet to breach computer security systems and import barriers.

Furthermore, the food chain has started using buns that are made with whole grains. Also, McDonalds provide good service to give their consumer a good impression so they come back again.

Cultural differences and global marketing

Building social capital is the third and most important step towards global thinking and cultural understanding. When a consumer goes to a Starbucks, they expect to place their order and receive it in as a short a time as possible. The important factors here are family, reference group and status.

The ties that still bind Local culture remains a powerful influence in daily life. Chinese authorities were not alone in their mistrust of Hollywood. Improbable as it might seem to Western observers, the story of lost love on a sinking cruise ship hit a responsive chord among the veterans of the Cultural Revolution.

Operations in more than 50 percent of their outlets are franchised. The global marketing mixes like product, price, placement and promotion should also be planned on the basis of the cultural differences.

No research is ever complete, the work continues forever and ever because there are hurdles and problems and it is necessary to find the answers and solutions to deal with the ever-increasing issues. Will Global Growth Help Starbucks?

If a company wants to rule in the global market, it is imperative that it plans and modifies its global marketing strategies based on the cultural differences. Major cultural constraints encountered by businesses include local attitudes, taste preferences, language, religion, management style, gender discrimination, skills, personalities, education, etc.

People are tied to places, and those places continue to shape particular norms and values. For instance, McDonalds will create more and different type of food items which is delicious such as Burgers, fries, wrapsetc.

Critics of globalism argue that any business enterprise capable of manipulating personal tastes will thrive, whereas state authorities everywhere will lose control over the distribution of goods and services.

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A Localized Global Marketing Strategy Dr Nitish Singh Jun 25 Finding the balance between standardization and localization of the web content is one of the preeminent dilemmas that companies face when tapping international markets.

Organisations like McDonalds which have global presence are affected by the changes in inflation and the exchange rates. Hence, these chains may have to adapt to the issues and the effects of the economic environment.

Mcdonalds global presence and cultural issues
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