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Exploration of the development of American poetic traditions, with English lit 210 emphasis on the major poetry of 19th and 20th centuries.

Under the influence of the new aristocracy, French became the standard language of courts, parliament, and polite society. Origins and development of the science fiction genre. May be repeated for graduate credit if topics vary. Inspired by waves of radical thought and experimental writing that swept across Europe aroundRomanticism came late to America and stayed longer than it did across the Atlantic.

Individual sections will vary in their foci.

English (ENGL)

What can these discussions teach us about culture? Exploration of the major approaches to the theory and practice of oral and written rhetoric and discourse up to the end of the 19th century. John Dryden — was an influential English poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright who dominated the literary life of Restoration England to such a point that the period came to be known in literary circles as the Age of Dryden.

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Exploration of a significant topic or period in British literature; features current faculty research on such topics as Victorian fantasy literature, social identity in medieval Britain and Ireland and children in film.

Major works of the African-American literary tradition from the 18th century to studied within cultural and historical context.

English (ENGL)

Survey of historical and contemporary literature for adolescents, including such forms as fantasy, domestic fiction, and the problem novel.

Surveying the rise of computing technologies, information theories, and information economies in the last century, this course considers their impact on literature, culture and knowledge-formation. In particular, we will reflect on topics such as the relationship between social and technological transformation, literary print and digital cultures, and electronic literature.

The class asks students to take an active role in discussions by reflecting on their own experiences as viewers. Lewis, texts and cultures of the Middle East and Victorian women writers and religion.

In online classes, submit your paper through Moodle to TurnItIn. If you have trouble uploading it Moodle, you may email it to me at bmagee latech. Exploration of a major author as a vehicle for emphasizing intensive analysis, scholarship and literary criticism.

In-depth study of poetry and selected prose works of John Milton. Exploration of a significant topic or period in American literature; features current faculty research on such topics as Asian-American women writers, American music and literature and American Gothic.

You may also bring a paper copy by my office. This class explores different historical periods, their dominant media forms, and theories of reception associated with them. Is the monster part of our psyche?

May be repeated with permission of English advising office to a maximum of 6 undergraduate hours if topics vary. How do popular media represent gender, sexuality, and partnership?

Representative works illustrating the development of the novel, by writers resident in Great Britain and its colonies, from its beginnings to the late nineteenth century.ENGL British Lit to Present credit: 3 Hours. Historical and critical study of selected works of British literature after in chronological sequence.

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Title. Review Of "The Tempest" By W. Shakespeare And Performed By Broadhurst Theatre. Authors. Nora Johnson, Swarthmore College Follow. Document Type. Performance Review. a nine lined stanza with the rhyme scheme ababbcbcc; the first eight lines are written in iambic pentameter and the last line (an alexandrine) is written in iambic hexameter.

LIT British Literature. IAI H3 3 Hours. Prerequisite: ENG 3 hours weekly () This is a survey and analysis of masterpieces of English literature from Beowulf to the present.

LIT American Literature. IAI-H3 3 Hours.

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Prerequisite: None. 3 hours weekly (). ENGL Technical and Business Writing.

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ENGL Medieval English Literature. Credits 3.

English literature

3 Lecture Hours. Old and Middle English literature exclusive of Chaucer, including such authors and works as Beowulf, The Dream of the Rood, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Piers Plowman, Malory, Julian of Norwich, Kempe, the mystery plays and the.

English lit 210
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