An overview of the treaty of versailles document

This time though, France found new inspiration from its own Revolution. People began to believe in the potential of the human mind and body and began to move away from strictly religious concepts.

Last modified 12 January, Speitkamp is a condensed, easily readable general introduction, whereas Conrad is based on an up-to-date transnational history approach.

Domenico Tardini wrote in March that the Holy See "has never approved the project of making Palestine a Jewish home. The French had built the Maignot line, a series of forts on the German border and felt secure behind it.

Primary Documents - Treaty of Versailles: The British received the island of Hong Kong to ensure that the flow of trade even of opium went unhindered in and out of Chinese ports. The government headed by Philipp Scheidemann was unable to agree on a common position, and Scheidemann himself resigned rather than agree to sign the treaty.

The sacred rights must be protected. If in accordance with Article the Conference refuses admission to a Delegate of one of the Members, the provisions of the present Article shall apply as if that Delegate had not been nominated.

Write a paragraph about Johan Gutenberg and the printing press and how his invention impacted and changed the world in the Renaissance period. Lloyd George also wanted to neutralize the German navy to keep the Royal Navy as the greatest naval power in the world; dismantle the German colonial empire with several of its territorial possessions ceded to Britain and others being established as League of Nations mandatesa position opposed by the An overview of the treaty of versailles document.

The problem here was the existence of an already established Dutch farming community called the Boers who had populated the area since the Seventeenth Century and of a larger African population to the north. A Very Surprising Alliance! The English were increasingly dependent upon trading from its small number of factories in India.

The German reaction to the Treaty of Versailles After agreeing to the Armistice in Novemberthe Germans had been convinced that they would be consulted by the Allies on the contents of the Treaty.

Cromwell's antipathy to Catholicism certainly played a part in his uncompromising attitude. Germany was also forbidden to unite with Austria to form one superstate, in an attempt to keep her economic potential to a minimum. The problem for the British was that the largest gold fields in the world were beneath territory just assigned by the British to the Boers in Transvaal.

The foreign minister of Israel, Moshe Dayanwas received in private audience by the pope on January 12, Cardinal Gasparri clearly expressed opposition to a Jewish state in Palestine when he said on December 18,to the Belgian representative, Jules Van den Heuvel: The English had transformed themselves into a viable maritime power during this century, but it was still primarily a destructive force in that it preyed upon Spanish success rather than discovering its own sources of wealth.

As the Renaissance progressed, it led to the questioning of the power of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope.

The Treaty of Versailles

It was not that the English were not interested in establishing themselves in this field. Chaim Weizmann could announce to a Zionist conference in London on May 20, Luigi Barlassina, also published a pastoral letter strongly protesting against the Great Powers' decision to establish a Jewish national home in Palestine.

It was not until later that the cultural and religious differences exploded into violent dispute and showed the true cost of these policies.

World History

British Landing in Boston, Just over a decade after the Seven Years War, the British found themselves with a full blown revolution by her own colonists in North America. Article Every Delegate shall be entitled to vote individually on all matters which are taken into consideration by the Conference.

Treaty of Versailles

Remember, monasteries were places where Catholic monks worshiped God, and since their lives were devoted to him, they required outside help to feed them and take care of the property. In the west, Alsace and Lorraine were returned to France, and the Saarland was placed under the supervision of the League of Nations until This they started to do in Nemesis Britain was able to control this flow of trade in India due to the political control exercised by the EIC at least until The Dutch East Indies Company found itself in the virtuous circle of gaining more capital the more profit it made which allowed it to invest in yet better ships and more modern armaments to stay ahead of the competition.

This region had been placed under the control of the League of Nations by the Treaty of Versailles. The French were primarily interested in trading - especially furs. Despite fighting in a huge war with France at the time, Britain was able to help the colonists resist the invasion and return the Americans to their side of the border.Teach with documents using our online tool.

Locate teachable primary sources. Find new and favorite lessons, and create your own activities for your students. The G8, reformatted as G7 from due to the suspension of Russia's participation, was an inter-governmental political forum from until The forum originated with a summit hosted by France that brought together representatives of six governments: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, thus leading to the name Group of Six or G6.

Introduction. With the exception of Brandenburg-Prussia’s short-lived attempt to gain a foothold on the West African coast and to participate in the 17th-century transatlantic slave trade, German colonialism began only in the s.

Treaty of Versailles: Treaty of Versailles, peace document signed at the end of World War I by the Allied powers and Germany.

European History

For more than half a century, it has been widely recognized that the Treaty of Versailles, founded on retribution against Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, created the circumstances that led inevitably to World War II. DOWNLOAD TREATY OF VERSAILLES MINI Q DOCUMENT treaty of versailles mini pdf Browse by topic Comprehensive history teaching resources by subject.

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An overview of the treaty of versailles document
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