An analysis of reformation towards democracy

Thus, Christianity would add later, he can domesticate animals, cultivate plants, and harness all the energies of the universe for his own use and service, and thereby imitate God as co-creator, who provides all things in abundance for our enjoyment.

But such conflict, we argue, is functional and helps An analysis of reformation towards democracy stabilizing the system in question.

Reformation Towards Democracy

Any human society, if it is to be well ordered and productive, must lay down as a foundation this principle, namely, that every human being is a person, that is, his nature is endowed with intelligence and free will.

Just as Socrates felt that it was necessary to create a conflict tension in the mind, so that individuals would rise from the bondage of myths and half-truths to the unfettered realm of creative analysis and objective appraisal, some must see the need for non-violent gadflies reformers to create the kind of tension conflict in the society that will help men rise from the 8 dark depths of prejudice oppression and racism slavery to the majestic heights of understanding, liberation and brotherhood.

Many of our social critics or human rights activities who otherwise could be called reformers have lost their voices, kept quiet where they ought to have spoken and have joined the bandwagon of conformers rather than reformers.

This in our opinion ought not to be the case. Even though Iran is a Shia majority country, one of only a few at that time, the spread of political Islamism became stronger throughout the entire Muslim world after In any society where there is to be meaningful development and relative peace and harmony, there must exist an atmosphere that allows for the formation and reformation of governmental policies, socio-economic, political and religious structures and in effect the attitudes of the people including the leaders when they begin to derail.

King James publicly burned the books of these Catholic theologians in London, and took repressive measures against Catholics.

For the disciple of Christ, solidarity is a moral duty stemming from the spiritual union of all human beings who share a common origin, a common dignity, and a common destiny.

He says that we have to know what the nature of man is, what man is for, or what his end is, and so, what his intention should be; in short, how he should live in order to attain his destiny.

To say that the Church maintained the world in the dark during the Middle Ages, waiting for the enlightenment of the age of reason, is a discredited, unscientific and outmoded twist of facts, as Stanley L. Other branches of Sufi Islam emanated from Sunni traditions and have a similar potential for enlightenment, for example, Nursism was employed by the Turkish cleric Fatullah Gulen for the advancement of education and technology.

Yet he remained a strong critic of tyranny and supported the idea of social justice. The religious reformations of the early 19th century, known as the Second Great Awakening, made for a more suitable climate for democracy.

In this line of thought, Aristotle taught his Politics social ethics after his Nicomachean Ethics general ethicsas a logical sequence.

Reformation Towards Democracy

This is not to simplify or put blame only on Western powers for the fate of many Muslim majority countries today.

We are in need and in search of religious, political and socio- economic reformation. Yet, though many different struggles intersect in the Middle East, Islam remains central in any discussion either about the fate of the region or even far beyond its boundaries.

So, that is what a person is, as distinct from an animal. He was forced to leave Turkey for Egypt to escape prosecution by the Sultan and royal clerics. A right to do evil would be a contradiction in terms.

These rights are thus rooted in our rational human nature, oriented to the ultimate values of reality: Anything short of this is either a rebellion or a violent uproar, but definitely not a reformation. It is with this level of human experience that Christianity is directly concerned, not with the temporal levels of socio-economic, political political and cultural development, since Jesus, though living on those levels like any other man, most emphatically denied any direct involvement in them by himself and his Church as such: This is the thrust towards real equality and democracy.

The word democracy was already in wide use by then. We consider, however, that it is in keeping with the innate demands of human nature that the State should take a form which embodies the threefold division of powers corresponding to the three principal functions of public authority.

So, the Pope goes on: This is the democratic vision of civilization, which, after Aquinas, was further developed by the Catholic theologians of the 16th and 17th centuries, notably Francisco de Vitoria, O.

From onward, religious pamphlets flooded Germany and much of Europe. Al Banna reversed reformation from modernization towards the creation of an Islamic state based on sharia. That is why the government by one or monarchy should be tempered by the government by the best or aristocracy.

The word democracy was already in wide use by then. In the 13th century, St. Existential inequalities At the same time, however, the diversity of functions and existential inequalities of society are also part of a true democracy. The Nigerian political system, for example, is in need of such reconstruction and rehabilitation.

This term virtue, both in Greek and in Latin, means power or strength. A Biography by R. The reason is that the whole system — economic, political, social, religious, educational etc. So, that is what a person is, as distinct from an animal.

Our rational and free will aims for the good, and hence our need for the good, our duty to do what is good and hence avoid eviland our right to the good. Aristotle, however, fell, as we have seen, into a similar elitism.Christianity and Democracy (for PTS) 1 it was markedly different from democracy during the Reformation and today.

A Philosophical and Historical Analysis of Modern Democracy,on the American

Before the Though this was a short-lived event, it was significant this country‟s step towards democracy Later, during the Glorious Revolution ofa constitutional monarchy was firmly established and the. In his historical analysis of the development of Western civilization, Ferguson noted that since the Protestant Reformation (), which led many northern European states breaking away from the Roman Catholic Church, there was a shift in economic power away from Catholic countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain towards.

The Reformation (or, more fully, Western and Central European neighbors in several respects, which affected the mentality and the reaction of the nation towards the Reformation.

Spain, which had only recently managed to complete the reconquest of the Peninsula from the Moors in This paper aims to propose a meta-theoretical analysis to comprehensively examine bureaucracy and democracy application in Indonesia as a new democracy country through interpretive perspectives.

Reformation Towards Democracy For a democracy to succeed, the society in question must be compatible with the idea of democracy. In a society deprived of morals, institutions of democracy would collapse, since democracy is dependent on the people.

Democracy and Supremacy of Law in Indonesia” is a report of a study on the political and legal change which occurred in Indonesia in the context of the multi-dimensional Reformation Movement, which caused and followed the downfall of President.

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An analysis of reformation towards democracy
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